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We all know that the end of the dance classes, workshops and boot camps are not complete without taking a video of the moves we have been practicing. Great for reviewing those dance moves later and practicing them at home. But all those videos add up quickly, and finding the right one becomes difficult if you don't organize them.

At DanceCollect you can store, organize, watch and share your dance videos for FREE! Never wonder where you kept that one video of that awesome move or combination again.

Other great dancers went before you and uploaded 545 dance videos already! Join them now.

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You probably recognize this situation. You're at the dance school, at a party, or just at home, and you remember that you did a great dance move or combination. Somewhere on your phone there is a video of it; You're sure of it! To then spend the next 15 minutes scrolling through all your videos and watching a lot of them to find that specific video, or sometimes even giving up because you can't find it.

By uploading and tagging your videos to DanceCollect you will not only have all your dance videos in one place but also be able to easily find that one video with that specific move or combination. And we made it super easy for you to do so.

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